Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where have we been?

Updates as to why we haven't had any new designs recently.
First, we will be closing this blog soon, as we are developing a new website that will have a blog incorported into it.  We are currently busy with the new website design, and transferring all of our products from one website to another.  It is a very long and tedious process, but we hope the end result will be a gorgeous, fresh new web layout that will be easier to shop.  We are also working on developing patterns for home seamstresses, and we look forward to focusing on being able to share our designs for your own creativity. The first pattern will be the Suspenders limited edition design.  If there is a design you would like us to consider for making into a pattern, please let us know.  We are excited to develop patterns for shoes and boots as well as some of our basic clothing pieces. We thank you for your contuned support and kind comments on our facebook page.  Until next time...

Britlyn Madison Doll Clothes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well Summer is coming to an end! Boo!  Christmas is just around the corner.  We are currently restocking our shelves, and choosing new products to add to our inventory.  As always, we welcome your comments and ideas for new products.

We are still working on our patterns.  It looks like "Suspenders" will be the first to be released. If you are a seamstress, and have a particular pattern you would like us to release, please feel free to leave a comment below!

We are thinking about getting a new model (aka doll).  Help us choose our next model!  We would love to hear which dolls you think would best showcase our designs.  Leave a comment on our,   facebook page, with the doll description or name of the doll you think we should get! At the end of the week (Sunday), we will pick one comment, and send them a free logo tee!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Couture Separates now available!  We have a limited supply of these cute little skirts and tanks.  The fabric has vibrant colors we think are screaming Summer!  Get yours now, as there will be no more when these are gone.  Oh did we mention the price?  Tanks are $8, and skirts are $12!  Happy mid-Summer!!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a Mid-Year update!

Well here we are again, neglecting our blog!  Where has 2012 gone?  We were at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, and noticed they already had all of their Christmas merchandise out!  What?  Really?  I do love Christmas, however this was June, and 100+ degrees outside.  I have enough pressure in my daily life, worrying about buying Christmas gifts does not need to be added to my list!  Please let us enjoy our Holidays one by one.  Thank you.  Now I move on...  Well what have we been up to?  We have of course decided to publish our patterns.  This has not been the easy task I thought it would be.  We want them to look great, and are working out all of the kinks as we speak.  So those who have been waiting, well, please bear with us. 

What else? well we are now on Pinterest so please feel free to check out our boards, but keep in mind we just started.  Not much there at the present , but we will be adding new stuff frequently.  Here is our link:

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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Holidays Update

Well, this Holiday Season has proven to be our busiest yet.  We continue to receive a high volume of orders daily, as well as working on a few custom orders.  Unfortunately this means we have put our latest Limited Edition Design on the back burner.  We hope to release it early New Year.  We are also excited about the prospect of releasing our designs in a pattern format.  We have had so many requests to do this for a while now.  We figure, "Why not?"  If you have a particular item in mind that you would like released as a pattern for home sewers, please let us know! Don't forget to check out our FACEBOOK and enter our FREE LOGO TEE Giveaway.  Simply Like Us and enter your name and email on the form on our page.  Visit our website and get a FREE pair of Brown Suede Ewe Boots with every purchase of $40 or more!  No Coupon Needed.
Thanks to all of our loyal customers/fans!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


We have decided to do our free boot promo again this Holiday Season.  We have lowered the requirement for purchase to $40!  So whenever you spend $40 or more (before shipping and taxes if you live in Texas), you will receive 1 pair of gorgeous Mocha Brown Suede Ewe Boots.  These are the "UGGS" of 18 inch doll shoes.  A staple for every outfit.  It's our little way to thank all of our wonderful customers for their support.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our New Model~ Willow

Bald & Paint removed


We have been busy.  One of our recent projects was restoring a Felicity doll we rescued off Ebay.  We purchased her about  a year ago for $45.  She had a rip in the back where her strings are. She also had a large 3 x 4 inch blue ink circle on her upper right chest.  We got most of it out, but there remains a slight faint circle to this day.  Her wig was fried.  We tried several downy dunks, but decided to give her a fresh new look.  We purchased her wig from one of our favorite shops,  We love the quality of their wigs, even more than the orginal Ag wigs!  Yes, they are that much better.  When we glued her wig on, we tilted it so that she had a side part.  We like this much better than straight down the middle.  We then removed all of her facial paint.  We took it off with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Poor thing looked ill!  We painted her lips with a soft coralish pink,   For her brows, we actually used a mix of paints in shades of yellow and 2 different browns.  We decided to make them more realistic looking.  We then added some "blush" to her cheeks, a dab to her chin and nose.  Freckles were scattered about, and she is complete. We really like the way she turned out.  Let us know what you think!